A mission of hoping and helping families in Licking County who are facing pediatric cancer. A little help goes a long way, we hope you’ll join us.

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A family in Newark CCF helped provide gas cards for their frequent travel to Children’s Hospital.
The Schnieder Family, Hebron


We can help with meals, to travel expenses, lodging, auto repair, utility costs, and many other day-to-day expenses. We can also provide the emotional support to alleviate stresses, from counseling to art classes and sibling programs. We can give families more time to focus on what matters. Apply now.

In Christopher’s own words:

Watch the video as Christopher Carlson tells his story of cancer and recovery.

In Christopher’s own words

Upcoming Events

Look for us at the following events in Licking County:

Granville Art Affair & Wine Festival, June 12-13

CCF is proud to be a partner for this incredible annual event held on the Great Lawn of the Bryn Du Mansion in Granville. Come visit us and enjoy incredible art, live music, food, and of course, wine! More info.

P2O Granville, July 26

CCF is again a beneficiary of this event and we couldn’t be prouder. Come out to see an incredible collection of 500 Porsches and show your support for the participating venues. More info.

Granville BluesFest, September 6

We are so pleased to be part of this exciting and entertaining annual event. We are incredibly fortunate to be selected as the charity again this year. Come out to enjoy incredible music and show your support for CCF. More info.

Charity Guitar Auction, September 6

As part of the Granville BluesFest, Guitar Guys in Heath has donated a guitar that will be signed by all performing artists from this year’s event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bid on this unique treasure. Proceeds to benefit CCF!

How to Apply

Help is right here.

Having a child with cancer puts alot of emotional and financial strain on a family. We can help ensure that basic needs don’t become part of that challenge.

Ways we can help assist families:

Living expenses

Gas cards
Utility bills
Organic food

Support expenses

YMCA programming
Sibling counseling
Family counseling
GSVA art scholarship
Parent stress relief

Who is eligible?

  1. Any Licking County family who has a family member under the age of 18 who has been diagnosed with cancer. Family of patient must either live in Licking County or have a child who attends school in Licking County.
  2. Child must have been diagnosed and/or in treatment within the last five years.

How much assistance is provided?

At present, grants are limited to $500 per family, every six months. Our fundraising efforts are building momentum, and grants will be evaluated and awarded on an as-needed basis.

How do you apply?

Familes may apply directly, or others may submit an application on their behalf.

1. Complete the following forms:

Authorization for disclosure of health information
This allows us access to details that will help us better plan assistance for the family. All information we receive is held in strict confidence and is not shared.

Assistance Application form
This is the most important form, and gathers all of the information about the family, and the person filling out the application.

Needs Assessment
This helps us better understand the priorities of your needs, or the family you are applying for.

Download these forms

2. Submit your information:

Please send your completed forms to us by mail.
Christopher Carlson Foundation
PO Box 58, Granville, Ohio 43023

3. Complete a phone interview:

A member of the CCF team will call you to discuss your application and the specific needs you have.

Our Board

Meet our board.

Guided by a passion for helping others, our board has both personal and professional experience with the challenge of cancer. They deliver on the vision of CCF, and are involved in every request and every award of assistance.